Digital Imaging

Bové Dental features digital imaging technologies, allowing our dentist and team to provide you with more comfortable and effective care. Digital imaging is one of the more advanced tools available in our office and helps in both diagnosing and treating dental problems.

Digital imaging has changed the way that our dentist and team take X-rays and plan treatments. In the past, traditional film radiography required more time as well as the use of potentially toxic chemicals to produce images of your teeth and supporting structures. Digital radiography, on the other hand, uses small digital sensors to capture and almost instantly transmit images to a nearby monitor. Digital X-rays also produce up to 90% less radiation, making them significantly safer for use.

In addition to making the X-ray process safer, faster and easier, digital imaging also helps in providing care.

For more information about digital imaging in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alfred Bové, please contact our office today at 954-564-0181.