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It all starts in

The Big Apple 

I grew up in the metro New York and New Jersey area, and as a teen, I moved with my family to....

Charleston, South Carolina

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science dual degree in biology/pre-med and Spanish. I later went on to earn my doctorate degree (DMD) from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, South Carolina. After practicing in South Carolina, I decided to move to....

Settling into the Tampa Bay area, I practiced for over 20 years. Since then I've been a general dentist in Fort Lauderdale since 2010, and opened a new private practice in 2012, in the Coral Ridge section of Fort Lauderdale. The practice concentrates on general and family dentistry, with an emphasis on cosmetics.

Sunny Florida!




Our Philosophy

"I try to place myself in the position of how my patient may be feeling, so as to be sympathetic and yet make the decisions that need to be made." - Dr. Bové

When I am not getting to know my patients, I love to travel. My go-to favorites are all over the U.S., Mexico, Europe and South America. I have traveled all over the world. I believe to better know yourself, you need to know your world in which you live. When at home, my 11-year-old Peruvian Schnauzer, Chipi, rescued from the streets of Peru, keeps me busy and on point. We love to walk, and he likes to chase down tennis balls and squirrels.

– Dr. Bové

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